Physical and thermal treatments of solid and liquid biomass


Biomass Lab is focusing his research activity on studying refinery systems - based on physical and thermal treatments - for the energy and industrial valorization of solid biomass. Following are the main lines of research:


  • Leaching - biomass washing by water and eventual additives at medium-low temperatures (20-70°C) for the soluble inorganic fraction removal. The aim of this treatment is to reduce the biomass ash content and to improve its combustion behavior (ash melting point increase).


  • Torrefaction - lignocellulosic biomass mild pyrolysis at temperatures within 200 and 300°C, inert atmosphere and atmospheric pressure. This process produces a high energy content, stable and hydrophobic biofuel that is interesting for combustion, co-combustion and gasification uses.


  • Hydrothermal carbonization - Wet torrefaction - biomass carbonization treatment in water at a relatively high pressure (5 - 50 bar) and temperatures within 200-260°C. This process combines the effects of both the above treatments, generating a torrefied-like biofuel with a lower ash content.


  • Decarboxylation of vegetable oils - thermal treatment of not edible or exhausted vegetable oils aimed to generate a hydrocarbons mixture (C8 - C17) for energy use. The operative conditions consist of temperatures within 300-400°C, inert atmosphere and variable pressure depending on the specific reaction conditions (about 100 bar). It is possible to condition the process efficiency as well as the products hydrocarbon composition through the addition of specific catalysts.



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